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Me, my soap and I

I started making soap at my home in Hertfordshire in 2014 but my love affair with Northumberland started many years before that. I came to Northumberland on holiday many times, and quickly realised I was leaving a small part of me behind each time I left. Soon I was visiting two to three times a year. My wife, Adele, and I developed a real love for Northumberland's magic. On one holiday the cottage we rented didn't really have any views, it rained most of the days, and it was foggy nearly everyday, but we loved it. On another occasion in March, we endured temperatures of -5C with deep snow all around. The cottage on that occasion was old, and let in draughts like an old colander, but Northumberland was still beautiful. Whenever we visited Holy Island (which we did every time), remarkably the sun came out, the temperature lifted and we loved it. It just got harder to go home. Northumberland is a remarkable place and I consider myself so lucky to be able to live here now. I am giving my range of soaps a new look, and in time, some new ones will appear, but for now you will get the same range, made in exactly the same way. With pure and natural ingredients, no chemical or artificial additives. No chemical foaming agents like SLS. No palm oil, just pure handmade soap, just as it has been made for centuries. When something is this good, there is no need to change it.

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